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Stud dog guide

Look through the stud dog directories to find a stud dog. You should look for one to complement your bitch, not simply the nearest or the cheapest one. If you go down this route and find the cheapest un proven Stud dog you may come home with your tail between your legs when the dog doesn’t perform and does not know the difference between the bitches head or tail. You will possibly miss your mating and have to wait another season.

No matter how good the Pedigree is, Don’t be afraid to ask the Stud Dog Owner if the stud Dog is proven, or has any defects, i.e. Undershot or Overshot Jaws, both genitals are present look up details on Dog Cryptorchidism. Make sure you check yourself again on arrival. (I would also include this check in your list with any new puppies you buy and if the Father is there to be seen, check him).

Be careful to Check through the pedigree to make sure that the stud dog and the bitch are not related. There can be genetic defects if you breed relations such as brother to sister, father to daughter, mother to son or cousin combinations. The Kennel Club now states on the litter registration forms they will not issue paperwork anymore for in-bred mating, unless under very special circumstances. This also goes for bitches if the dam has already whelped four litters or the dam has already reached the age of eight years on the date of mating.

It is important before the mating to agree a stud fee and whether any return mating due to pregnancy failure are free or not ? If a tie has occurred, in most cases you will have to pay again for the studs services. If at all possible this should be in writing and signed by both parties thus avoiding any future confusion. Look up Stud agreement document.

Make sure to inform the owner of the stud dog when your bitch is likely to be in season so that they are ready for you.

If you have arranged a stud dog a fair distance away from home, and you are not leaving the bitch with the stud owner, be prepared for return trips, bitches are not always regular and if she is not ready it just wont happen. Most newcomers expect this to happen ‘yesterday’ be patient the dogs usually need time to get familiar with one another first. It all takes time, when they are ready it will happen, if it doesn't there is usually some underlying issue or the stud dog is too inexperienced, or in a nutshell they just don't fancy each other.

I am a firm believer of natural conception, if this practise is not done correctly, (the way nature intended) and forced upon the bitch, undersized litters may occur or no litter at all if it is completely the wrong time, and may even put her off ever mating again. A Forced mating usually occurs out of desperation, or simply for the bitch owners convenience, this is not only very traumatic for the bitch it is most unfair. The whole concept in having a litter of puppies is supposed to be an enjoyable one.

If your bitch is left with the stud dog owner, or even more so you would like to see the mating, ask ! too many recognised stud dog owners theses days take the bitches into their kennels and don't allow the owners to watch them mating the dog they have selected, this practise is preposterous, honestly what is the problem ? hmmmmm ! don't take no for an answer, and even if you cant be there for one reason or another don’t be afraid to ask for proof of mating. These days it is not unusual,  i.e. a picture of the two tied together would suffice. With the technology we have today i.e. cameras on phones etc and considering the amount you pay for your stud dog, I'm quite sure you would like to know how it all works for future reference and most importantly for definite that this is specifically the dog you have chosen, also that the stud dog has tied with your bitch satisfactory, and your money has been well spent.

Don't be naive, If you don't take the advice above, I'm sorry but you really have only got yourself to blame for anything that seems untoward etc.

After the mating be sure to obtain from the stud dog’s owner a signed pre KC registration litter form supplied by you or the stud dog owner filled in with the breeder’s details, date of mating and registration details of the Stud dog.

KC Registration form

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